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Janet Matricciani


About Janet Matricciani

Janet Matricciani is a three-time female CEO and President. She has run public, private-equity backed and privately-held companies, all with great success. She uses everything she has learned from accepting adventures in life to ensure business success. Janet believes that new experiences give a greater dimension to business acumen and increase power in the workplace through better problem-solving, creativity, collaboration and drive. Learning keeps us alive.

A talented and dynamic international executive and businesswoman, Janet Matricciani is a dual British and US citizen who is making her mark as a Chief Executive Officer in financial services and technology. A successful leader, Janet also ensures that she maintains a healthy work-life balance in order to be her most productive self; one such way she likes to unwind is through travel. 

Janet has visited over one hundred countries, including ten of the world’s most dangerous. Many she has visited alone, others with family or friends. She travelled overland from London to Timbuctu, hitch-hiked around East Africa at the age of 18, worked in Moscow at only 21, has been to almost every country in Europe, as well as almost every state in the US where she now lives, amd ,amy coumtries in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Janet speaks six languages well and a smattering of many others. Her impatience has lead her to get a few hundred words in every language when she travels – such as in Turkey, Poland and even some kiswahili in Kenya. Constantly having to problem-solving when travelling alone or with another person has made Janet a fast-thinking and multi-dimensional CEO. Expanding her experiences in this way has lead to deeper means of analysis and a constant ability to think outside the box. Janet believes that the more you travel, the more open your mind becomes and the stronger a leader you are.

With varying degrees of proficiency in French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Russian, Janet loves the opportunity that her career affords her to travel and spend time in different places, work from new locations, and imbibe new experiences along the way. 

Her articles on travel destinations have been published in The Independent, one of the top three newspapers in Great Britain, and in The Washingtonian.

Professionally, Janet Matricciani has made a name for herself as one of very few female public company Chief Executive Officers  – and one of even fewer who have lead a financial services company. Currently, she is serving as Chief Operating Officer and President for AHP Inc., a mortgage company with the mission of making home ownership possible for all Americans by raising the home ownership rate to 75%.All business and functional units report to Ms. Matricciani. She is responsible for leading the Servicing, preREO, Title, Mortgage Direct, and Trustee Services units of the business while also leading finance, IT, operations, marketing, legal and HR. She is responsible for ensuring that all of the pieces of the business work together smoothly toward success. 

What sets Janet apart from others in the industry is her desire to pull others up along with her as she climbs the professional ladder. She enjoys helping others and teaching them the truth about how to succeed while also caring for people and making them laugh. She is a talented, brilliant leader, making it no surprise that people will walk through fire to work with someone so collaborative and dynamic. 

Janet is involved in several professional organizations, including the Young Presidents’ Organization as well as the Committee of 200 (C200), an invitation-only organization made up of 500 of the most successful women business leaders in America.

She has been featured by KPMG as one of only a dozen top women financial services leaders. 

Throughout her career, Janet’s reputation has given her the opportunity to be a speaker for multiple masterclasses, forums, conferences, and seminars, including the Keynote Speaker for the National Conversation on Board Diversity (held by 2020 Women on Boards). She has also held multiple Board memberships, including the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, the American Financial Services Association (AFSA), and the Jewish Free Loan Association (JFLA). 

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